My Cake Decorating Journal

Some months back, I had been toying with the idea to improve my technical skills in cake decorating. I felt that there was only so much I was learning from reading and pictures I was seeing on the internet. There was only so much I can glean from looking at a picture and deconstructing how a particular decoration was done especially when I wasn't sure what tip was being used.

That began my research on cake decorating classes in Seoul. My first stop was Wilton - quelle suprise! This was where I went to to get ideas on how to use decorating tips and get an idea on what each tip will do. They also have lots of products that are available here. I also found out about another pasty school, but it involved going to France for 2+ months for further training which wasn't going to be possible for me.

So I did a bit more research about Crystal Kim's Wilton Deco School who I was directed to when I contacted Wilton HQ here in Seoul and I was pleased with what I heard. I started my lessons 3 weeks ago and I am LOVING IT!

I've started a new blog about my cake decorating journey, the Wilton way so if you are interested to find out more about their classes, here's the link: My Cake Decorating Journal