Saturday, June 26, 2010

Soccer Cupcakes

It's World Cup fever! This customised cupcake order was for L who was planning a surprise birthday party for her husband. The idea was to invite a few friends over and it also happened to be the South Korea vs Uruguay match that evening, so the soccer theme was perfect!

L gave me free reign in the design as long as it was soccer related. I decided against a 2 dimensional buttercream only type design. Having had some fun with fondant and gum paste, I decided to create 2 designs: 1) Soccer balls sitting in grass and 2) the Korea World Cup official jersey against a white background to really bring out the red in the jersey.

The balls were fun to make although quite time consuming as I first had to draw the hexagon patterns on it then colour it in with the Americolour Gourmet Writer which, to be honest was a breeze to use. The felt tip gives you a lot of control, my only caution is to be careful not to smudge it. Even when it's dry, if you finger has moisture, it will still smudge. Don't want to be ruining all that hard work. If it does smudge a little, wet a small part of a kitchen towel and gently brush it. It may come out a little.

To ensure uniformity, each ball was weighed in at about 15gms. I then rolled it into a ball shape, then cut off about 1/4 to make the base so it sits steady on top of your cupcake. Can't have those balls rolling off now. Final weight was a steady 11gms. Ok, now some of you might not be feel the need to be so precise... this is why I scored to be most like Monica from Friends in one of those personality tests. Sigh. : )

Getting the red colour for the shirt was not easy but Wilton's Red Red and a couple of other colours got me there in the end. Making those little shirts sort of reminded me of Cinderella when she got the little shirt out for the new mouse Gus. I grew up with Disney if you haven't already figured that out.

The surprise was a bit dampened as L's husband discovered the cupcakes before the party! According to L, he lurved them so that makes up for ruining the surprise. I think L has certainly racked up those brownie points with this.


  1. This is REALLY good! I will Tweet your site, but I don't have that many followers on my account. Will try to find the right channels.

  2. Those are amazing! ^.^ You really have talent!!


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