Friday, July 8, 2011

Alternative Options for that Cupcake Fix

It’s been awfully quiet on my blog as I have been busy moving countries!  Yes, *sob sob* I have left Korea.  This happened 2 months ago and prior to that I was stressed out, sad and trying to get organized with the move. 

There are two more posts that I would like to add but the photos are in a hard drive in a container somewhere on its way to our next home (we are taking some time to travel and visit family before we settle in our next destination).  But here’s a sneak peak of the last cupcake order I made for a darling little girl.  It was in the Princess Barbie theme and the Mum (R) and I worked on some ideas to make it extra special.  To keep in theme with theme and colours, I made the cupcake stand from scratch as my other stands did not allow me to put the small smash cake on top.  Once I get settled I will get out some more pics and post how to make your own stand.

We were always only meant to be in Korea for a couple of years and we managed to stay 3 which was a bonus.  Don’t get me wrong, the first year was tough.  Trying to get oriented, attempting the language and figuring out the culture.  It was nice discovering where to get things in my neighborhood and of course having friends made our lives in Seoul so much more enjoyable. 

I had a chance to pursue cake decorating and create delectable bites for people who were willing to give an amateur a go and for that, I thank you all.  What happens now?  Who know.  After I get settled, I will look at seeing if anyone is interested in some cakes or cupcakes from ButterSugarCream!

I have had a few requests for cupcakes and cakes since I left so I am going to refer you to some alternative sources:

1) Life is Just a Cupof Cake – A cozy cupcakery with frosting made on site.  The owner herself has written a book on her journey to open the first cupcakery and has been blogged about a lot by foodies in Korea.  Their cupcakes are not too sweet and taste good.  I think their selling point is the wholesomeness of their cupcakes and they don’t try to Wow you with their frosting.  Their Blueberry and Cream Cheese cupcake is something to write home about but I have also eaten it when it seemed it had been baked 2 days before.  So I think you will just have to try your luck and hope it’s fresh when you go.  I don’t know if they do customized cupcakes, the assistants in the Itaewon branch do not speak much English.
****  KRW4,000 - KRW4,500 ea

2) Good Morning Cupcake – Think ice cream parlour but selling cupcakes.  That’s the impression I get from this cupcakery.  Their cupcakes have attractive colours and toppings so you definitely give them a second glance.  Standard sized cupcakes with a mountain of frosting and colourful toppings.  They have interesting flavours like Rocky Road, Green Tea (personally not a fan) and they carry Red Velvet too.  They have a shop in Sinsa-dong, Karuso-gil (it’s on a side street off Karuso-gil) and you can find them in the basement of Hyundai Department Store.
***   KRW4,000 – JRW4,500 ea

3) Lynn’s Cupcake – Located in Hannam-dong (well the one I know anyway), it’s opposite Guillame near the entrance to UN Village. It’s a sweet little store that stocks pretty cupcakes in pastel colours that you can take away in their special boxes.  I classify cupcakes in several sizes: Mini, Petite, Standard, Jumbo.  Most other shops have standard sized cupcakes but theirs are slightly smaller – Petite.  However, the price is the same so I find theirs not quite value for money.  Pretty though.
***    KRW3,500 – KRW4,000

For a few other choices, please read this article from The Korea Times

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