Sunday, January 2, 2011

Baby Shower with Bunnies

I have never had a baby shower for either of my children, so I am always delighted to create cupcakes for a shower. A friend of mine, L was expecting her 2nd baby last month and wanted a baby shower as an excuse to get together with close friends and of course to celebrate the impending arrival of the new wee one.

We explored a few themes to try to get the right 'feel' for the baby. As it is a winter baby, we toyed around with the idea of snowflakes first and then a tree to signify life but we also wanted something obvious so that people will know that it's for a baby shower! My friend liked the idea of bunnies so we focused on that, I added the tree branches with snowflakes on them against the wintry sky. I was going for the kind of greyish blue that always reminds me of winter. Sort of whimsical. I got the colour I wanted but after awhile the colour darkened a little. It matches beautifully with the pink but a little lighter and it would have been perfect. Ok, I need to stop obsessing about the small things. I bet no one even noticed.

L was kind enough to take some photos for me

For the bunnies, I piped them with Buttercream and added the ribbons with 2 heart shaped confetti and the nose with a type of rainbow chocolate chip. The cupcakes were Lemon Cupcakes and Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.

Update: L gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sena who weighed almost 4kg!

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