Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mickey Mouse Cake

I knew that eventually someone would order a Mickey Mouse cake. In fact, the ever popular Mickey was what got me on this journey of decorating cakes in the first place. When my daughter was about to turn 1, I went to many bakeries to look for a customised Mickey or Minnie cake. I got a lot of blank looks and a lot of Korean which I did not understand. I was frustrated and annoyed. I mean, it should be a simple thing right? Ordering a cake that is personalised with a favourite cartoon character? Or it should be!

But my inability to communicate to the bakers assistants and my lack of knowledge of Korean cake decorators at that time forced me to go for a more expensive option a friend recommended: The Hyatt's bakery. When the Executive Pastry Chef came out to take my order and instructions, I knew it would be expensive. To this day, my husband still does not know how much the cake that feeds 30 really cost. All he knoww is "It was very expensive, it's better you don't know... don't ask!".

Anyway, here's a cake story that turned out well. A wanted a Mickey Cake for her son who was turning 1. After several emails we established that the cake needs to be BIG. Enough for 50 people. So I suggested using my biggest pan (note to all, I am not a commercial bakery and can only access certain sized pans that are readily available at the baking stores here, should you require a cake that feeds more than 75, please give me ample notice) 15" x 11" and made it tall.

The flavour was Chocolate Buttermilk with Vanilla Buttercream frosting. It was really fun seeing Mickey's face take shape. I used gum balls to create the border at the bottom of the cake to give it that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse feel and added a red border at the top as I always imagine Mickey with red pants. Well allllright!

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  1. nice! but make sure small kids don't take the gumballs and swallow them! :D


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