Thursday, September 16, 2010

Giving the Oven a Break

It’s been a tiring few weeks with orders every week (fantastic), replacement cake decorating classes for when I will be away starting next week and making sure the kids are entertained. A few late nights in a row can really wear on a person and I must admit I don’t ‘recover’ the way I used to. Age… can’t run away from it.

I’ve been having good fun and stress (the Thomas cake) baking and decorating. I think the most memorable moments had to have been seeing the first Moustache face come together for the Moustache cupcakes and when we were covering the Thomas & Friends cake with fondant.

I also had my first overseas order. This was from a family friend who heard about my cupcakes from my Aunt. She liked Red Velvet and was a big fan of Coconut so those were what I was tasked with. I am always… did I say always? Yes… ALWAYS happy to bake Red Velvet cakes or cupcakes. I just love the incredible flavour and the deep intense red colour! Paired with Cream Cheese Frosting it’s really a cup of heaven in your palm. I’ve tried several different recipes and tweaked the recipe to get it to the right kind of dense crumb and flavour.

I’m off on holiday soon and I will miss my mixer, oven and the feel of the piping bag in my hand but I will be back mid-October and hopefully be back to baking and decorating for you again.

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