Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moustache Cupcakes: Cute and Cool at the Same Time!

When I got an email a few weeks ago with all the details for an order of cupcakes, I was excited (as I always am) but as I read on, I realised it was a request for moustache themed cupcakes. My first reaction was, "HUH? Ok read that again". Nope I did not read wrong especially when there are accompanying sample pictures. My next reaction was more cautious, "Okaaaay..."

John, the person requesting for them had a lovely story behind why he wanted the moustache cupcakes. His wife really loves cupcakes and they had been looking at cupcakes on the internet and they both really fell for a particular batch that they saw. So for his birthday, he planned a surprise moustache themed birthday party for her! He's such a sweetheart isn't he? I bet he got LOTS of brownie points with that.

Here they are: aren't they cute?!

After a series of rapid fire emails, we hashed out the details. John decided on Snickerdoodle flavoured cupcakes (think cinnamon flavour)and I suggested a Fluffy Vanilla Frosting as a bed for the fondant faces. These will provide a more stable base for the fondant faces which can weigh a little compared to Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Then I created 3 faces for John to choose 2. When initially thinking about styles of moustaches, I immediately thought of Magnum P.I. or Tom Selleck as is his real name. I grew up watching that show and really had no idea why some women liked him and his moustache! (Still don't see the appeal) I am more of a Aragorn from LOTR kinda girl IF I was going to go for someone with a bit of facial hair. Hee hee.

I also thought of Mario from Super Mario Bros, then there was Mr Potato Head. He's a real sweetheart that one. But in the end created three based loosely on a cross between Mr Potato Head and Tom Selleck and Captain Hook from Peter Pan. He settled on the one with a moustache inspired by Captain Hook (blue) and tweaked it a bit, as well as one that I designed based on my memory of a certain maths teacher I had back in secondary school (pink)... right down to the side-parted hair! Mr. Lim that one was for you.

As I started cutting out the fondant faces with my trusty double sided plastic round and scalloped edge cutters (bought them from this seller on Amazon), I was hoping that I will be able to draw the blue face well. The kneading of the fondant into gumpaste and colouring plus cutting them into the right shapes took over 3 hours.

For the hair and moustache for the red face, I started off with chocolate ready-made icing by Bakels which really cut down the time I would have spent trying to make white fondant black! Still, it took me another few hours to form the moustache, cut the hair and assemble them onto the face. I left the drawing of the eyes and the moustache for Blue the next day as I wanted them to dry out properly too.

The moment I drew the eyes on Red, I was like, "Awwwww! So cute!" The eyes really made the whole face look real and Blue was just cool. The weather now is very hot and humid. I can't refrigerate the fondant faces and I was really concerned that if they were placed on top of the frosting, the humidity and the moisture from the buttercream would make the faces droop. This was a real concern of mine as the faces were firm but not rock hard. They were meant to be eaten after all.

Here they are all packed and ready to go

So after a late night email to John, I packed the fondant faces separately in a tupperware in between layers of baking paper so they don't stick. Partially to test it and also so John will know how to place them (ok so maybe I just wanted to see how they looked - hee hee) I put 6 of the faces on and beamed with pride. ^_*

I got an email from his wife the next day who was really happy with the party and said the cupcakes were the highlight of her moustache-birthday-party.

They also got on the CutestFood blog for 30 August! AND

The most popular cupcake blog Cupcakes Take the Cake on 7th September.

Here are some pictures that John sent me of the cupcakes when they arrived and were assembled. I am so impressed with those Moustache party packs!


  1. Gerry, We absolutely loved your cupcakes. Not only were they amazing to look at, but everyone at the party said they were the most delicious cupcakes they've ever had. It's nearly 2 weeks ago, now and I still have people telling me they loved the cupcakes and want more. From beginning to end, you were professional, prompt and ever-so creative. Your vision for this project was spectacular. Thank you for taking on this challenge, especially during what was such a busy week for you. We will be recommending you to all of our friends and would definitely order from you again, if the occasion ever arose.

  2. Gerry's cupcakes were the absolute HIGHLIGHT of my mustache themed birthday party! They were incredibly delicious; the snickerdoodle cupcake itself was moist and flavorful all the way through, the "Fluffy Vanilla Frosting" was to die for! Possibly the best frosting John and I have ever tasted. And the fondant mustache faces, besides being ridiculously adorable, were also tasty and fun to devour!

    Thank you so much for your amazing work, Gerry! We hope to be able to utilize your wonderful baking skills again!

  3. Thanks so much you guys! It was a really fun project for me and I was really proud of them. Wish I was there to see Ferial's face when she saw them. John put a lot of effort into the design. Glad to have made it a fun party.

  4. we need these for movember!

  5. Hi Anonymous. If you would like to order these cool moustache cupcakes, please drop me an email at 2 weeks notice will be needed as there will be a period when I will be away in November. Cheers!


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