Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby Joy with Mini Cupcakes

Last week I got funky with scissors, glue and toothpicks to design a customised cake board to display 36 mini cupcakes ordered by K to celebrate the arrival of her daughter Baby Baek with her colleagues.

I got this order while I was on holiday and you can sure I was thinking of all the things I could do with buttercream to create a theme for a little girl. Colours are important too of course and I didn't want it all pink. I thought of a few ideas including safety pins, flowers, alphabet cubes but decided on a ballerina/tutu, booties and a ribbon.

The Little Pink Tutu

The booties were inspired by the Wilton Baby Booties which had a few steps to complete. They are relatively easy to do but requires quite a steady hand for the tiny ribbons and ruffles. It was really nice seeing them come together. Piping the tutu was a technique I learned in one of my cake decorating lessons where I piped ballerina bears. So that was certainly useful here and did I mention I love making ruffles with leaf tip #67?!

The Baby Booties with a pink ruffle and ribbon

The cake board was an idea I got from having seen some simple but colourful storyboards/themes from Marth Stewart's Cupcake book as well as the Australian Women's Weekly Cupcake book. These are two books I highly recommend for both recipes as well as ideas on decorating not just with icing but with sweets/candy, non-pareils, cachous, sprinkles etc...

Simple and beautiful.

**Customised cake boards are at an additional charge, based on size and quantity of order. Pplease enquire by email at orders@buttersugarcream.com**


  1. Awwww~~ This is sooooo cute!!! I love the tiny tutu and booties!!!!

  2. Gerry, these were absolutely ADORABLE and such a big hit with my coworkers. I'm so glad we were able to celebrate together around such a lovely and very tasty centerpiece! Thank you so much--and for delivering them too. Can't wait til my next order.


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