Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cake Decorating Contest? Who am I kidding?

It's 2.24am and I am knackered.  I have just finished decorating a cake for the Wilton Korea cake decorating contest which I have been sort of strong armed into entering. My teacher 'encouraged' me to enter the contest a month or so ago and I told her on Friday last week that I won't be entering.  Friday was the deadline.  She was surprised and asked me why. So I told her:

"Shi gan obsoyo.  Chegum nomu papawoyoh" which means 'I don't have time and I'm really busy at the moment'.

She wasn't taking No for an answer which is pretty amazing if you think about it.  Her English isn't strong but she persisted in the questions and suggestions eg. you can make a small cake, decorate it anyhow and just enter were the sort of things she was telling me throughout the class.

So... at this point I was thinking to myself, "Why does she want me to enter the contest so badly?!  The entry form wasn't even in English".  

And then all was revealed when she said,"You will be the only foreigner in the contest!"

A big "AHHHHHHH" went off in my head.  I was the novelty.  I was probably the only foreigner taking the Wilton Method course in Seoul.  I was unique so I needed to get my day in the sun.

So... she either wanted me to show how well I am doing after only being halfway through the course (ie. she being a good teacher too) or if I was jaded and cynical, I'd think it was an opportunity to show why 'weiguk saram' should not be decorating cakes.  
Either way, I finished the cake tonight and will be taking the pictures to send in with the entry form tomorrow.  Teacher managed to hold off the deadline for me till tomorrow.  It better still be ok for me to enter tomorrow otherwise someone will be some serious pain!

Pics of the cake will come later.  I need to sleep now.


  1. She wouldn't push you to enter if she didn't think you were good enough, foreigner or not. It's a great compliment. Can't wait to hear the results!

  2. Be thankful for her! Can't wait to see the pics!


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