Monday, November 8, 2010

Pam and the Bundt Pan

My MIL gave me a cast iron bundt quartet pan with 4 moulds from Nordicware many moons ago.  I've been meaning to use it but with all the cupcake and caking baking, it was hard to get motivated to bake more cake.  My husband and I are a bit 'caked out' from the leftovers from my cupcakes and cake orders as well as the cakes from my cake decorating classes.  However, my daughter seems quite happy with cake, cake and more cake.  At least someone in my family is benefiting from my passion.

I realise now that the only way to grease a bundt pan properly is with an oil spray like Pam but I wasn't about to pay through my nose for the imported stuff so I have trusted my silicone brush and some flour I threw on top of the pan.  I hope I am not going to have to use a knife to scrape the cake off it.  It would be a shame if I get scratch marks on the pan.

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