Monday, August 16, 2010

*New Flavour* Raspberry Ripple

Some people like cupcakes for sentimental reasons and this one just hits the mark with me. Even before I bite into it, the sweet smell of Raspberries combined with the sugary smell of the buttercream starts bringing me back through the years. This Buttermilk cupcake with Raspberries stirred through it just reminds me of the Raspberry Ripple ice cream by Walls that I used to eat as a kid. It's not quite as sweet as the ice cream version as the tartness of the fruit really comes through beautifully in the buttermilk cake.

A lot of people are perfectly happy with Chocolate or Vanilla cupcakes but you can always put a spin on things. Add fresh whole fruit or fruit puree to the Vanilla cupcakes and voila! A zing of flavour in every bite!

Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Flour, Buttermilk, Raspberries
Pictured above with Raspberry Buttercream and piped in a rose swirl pattern. I think the next time I am going to puree the fruit first then mix it in with the buttercream. It looks great like this when you can see the sprinkling of fruit throughout the buttercream but when piping, it clogs up the tip and creates little gaps in the pattern. I'm a bit pedantic like that. ^_*

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