Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cherry Blossom Cake

A few months ago it was a good friend's birthday and I offered to make her birthday cake. She was really my guinea pig, I wanted to try to decorate a cake for the first time instead of just cupcakes. I kept it simple and as it was spring, decided on a Cherry Blossom cake.

She said she liked vanilla cakes so I made her a 2 layered sponge cake and to add a bit of depth to the flavour, I put chocolate ganache in between the layers and on the top before I iced it.

I made Swiss Meringue buttercream for the icing which made smoothing the cake a lot easier but it still took a long time to get it to look half decent. There is probably a technique to get it done better and quicker so I need to start taking lessons. So when I do it, it takes a lot of smooth and getting the nicks filled. I hate seeing a little dink in it.

After that it was time to draw the trunk and branches with icing that I tinted brown. I just used a #6 round tip to do the trunk and fill it in. After that I ran a warm teaspoon (using the handle end) to run over it to smooth it out. It turned out quite well this way, it made the trunk look grooved. Next I used a smaller round tip to draw the branches and worked some leaves onto them so the flowers will sit nicely above them.

I tinted the icing pink and piped the flowers all over the branches going for a full but not overwhelming blossoming tree.

As a final touch, I randomly piped tiny dots on the flowers in a darker pink tone. I used a #2 tip here.

The chocolate ganache had hardened a bit while in the fridge and hadn't softened enough by the time we cut the cake but all in all it was a good dessert. My friend was very happy with her cake.


  1. Wow...it's really good for your first cake decorating. I'd say you could definitely expand and offer both cakes and cupcakes. Ohhh, looks so good!

  2. WOWs.. You're pretty amazing :D Keep it up!
    Im seriously impressed!

    Your Cousin


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