Monday, July 19, 2010

Why are There Only 24 Hours in a Day?

I have decided to make this blog more... personal. I think that's the point of blogging. So here goes.

It's a beautiful day today in Seoul. We had some threats of rain with some looming black clouds reminding me of scenes when Frodo was nearing Mount Doom, but they soon passed. Now the sun is out in full, bathing everything is a beautiful early evening light. I want to be outside and I want to do a million other things like respond to some emails, design a flyer, read a magazine (the US July Vogue is calling out to me) and take the kids for a walk. But here I am in bed, knackered as anything and wanting to take a nap. I've developed a bit of a cough and the cough syrup I took half and hour ago has kicked in and making me feel like I've just climbed Soeraksan.

It doesn't help that I had friends over yesterday and I cooked Roast Pork which took awhile and this morning I had a playgroup so I got up early, baked Magic Pudding (oh this was sinful) and a couple of lunch-friendly dishes for the Moms. I didn't really know what to do for the kids so I cheated and made a run to the Grand Hyatt's bakery (next to The Terrace restaurant) and got some of their freshly baked chicken pies (KRW4,000 - they are baked at 10am) and pizzas.

It's also not easy to get some shut eye when the kids are whining or complaining about something beyond the bedroom door. Thank goodness for my Nanny (no, I am not going to apologise for having one, people say they don't know what they would do without theirs and I am fully of the same club) who is currently looking after the two Koalas. Without her, this blog and my cupcake baking venture won't be happening.

It's also not easy to get things done in the speed that I want to when one of the kids always needs some attention. And... time management, what's that?? You're probably wondering why I'm blogging if I am complaining (yes complaining) that I need some shut eye? Well it's 'cos my brain won't rest. It's just churning and churning away. I can think of 5 posts I can do right now!

I am also quite excited about 2 new orders that I have. One's for a bridal shower and the other is for a doljanchi or dol for short. A Dol is a Korean tradition that celebrates a baby's 1st year birthday. The order for the 1 year old's party could have an added interesting element. I need to plan a bit with the mother first and see how special we can make it. I really should write down the ideas I'm coming up with for both these designs.

Alright, I am going to try to those yoga breathing techniques that I learned and see if they are going to work. Till later...


  1. I am also excited for the bridal shower cupcakes! ^.^
    I understand the time thing as well. Thomas is in Kindergarten, I work full time and our nanny is in China for 6 months! I never seem to have time to do anything except on my day off, Friday. I can't wait for my nanny to come back and I only have 1 child! ^.^

  2. hi! only recently found your blog. recently moved to deagu, and though my cupcakes are no where near as pretty as yours (i think opening up your business was an excellent idea!), you give me hope that i can bake them here too. =)

  3. MommyCha - I hope your nanny is coming back soon!

    Jooliyah - It's great to find another cupcake fan and baker. With a bit of time, a steady hand, lots of patience and some ideas I am sure you will be getting those orders in no time.


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