Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids Birthday Mini Cakes Now Available to Order in Seoul

Not so long ago, at my wedding, I had a fantabulous Cupcake Tower as my wedding cake. I noticed that sometimes even adults don't finish an entire cupcake so arranged a batch of mini cupcakes made especially for the kids at the wedding (there were a few!). They were such a big hit! Big MWUAHs to Alex and Angela at The Cupcake Bakery at Paddington in Sydney who rolled out some of the best cupcakes I've ever had.

This is the cupcake tower which was my wedding cake. Simple but rich swirled buttercream with pink sugar sprinkles and topped by a flower. The mini tower of mini cupcakes sits prettily next to it.

Now you can get it here in Seoul too! Vanilla or Chocolate mini cupcakes with buttercream frosting piped with sprinkles on top. Choice of 3 buttercream frosting colours.

Mini Cupcakes by Gerry

KRW65,000 for 3 dozen (minimum order)
KRW1,500 for every additional mini cupcake

If you are interested to place an order or would like to customise the mini cupcakes, do drop me an email at

Please indicate:
Preferred Flavour

Frosting Colours (up to 3)


Piped and Sprinkled. These mini bite delights will disappear in a flash

As a guide, a child (age 2 and above) on average eats 2 cupcakes or more. Adults can just keep gobbling these down.

* Cupcake cases/liners used may vary in colour. ** Stuffed bear does not come with the cupcakes, he was just helping me with the picture.

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