Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vegetable Garden Party Cupcakes

The weekend before last, a good friend of mine MamaSeoul threw a Blessingway (a mother-focussed Baby Shower) for her friend A. MamaSeoul was a bit busy that week and so enlisted my help to decorate some Garden themed cupcakes for the occassion. A likes to garden you see, so she found some ideas for Vegetable Garden themed cupcakes.

They were a lovely compliment to the earthly tones of the batik designed tablecloth she laid out which in turn complimented to the lovely birds that she sewed as part of the Blessingway. The whole occassion was so tastefully done and was made even more special with the personal touches that MamaSeoul added.

The recipe she found uses mainly candy to create the peas, radishes, carrots and lettuce. However, as I have not tried using candy like Airheads, Starburst or Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews before, I thought I'd play safe for some of the veg. I didn't want to start trying to mould the candy and then freak out when I realised that it was impossible as I had only a few hours to get it done!

The peas were Green M&M's (this part I stuck to the recipe) but the pod was made of gumpaste. I must say the peas were my favourite. They looked so cute! Definitely edible too. The lettuce centre were green sugar jelly candy drops and I made the leaves with piped green buttercream as are the radish leaves.

The radishes were a little more challenging with the white pointed bottoms. To make them, I stuck together red sugar jelly candy drops with some vanilla air heads then rolled them together to get the right shape. The leaves were then piped in last with the green buttercream. The carrots were all made by gumpaste. They were adorable. If I had more time, I would have tried to make a rabbit appear to pop out of one of the cupcakes! That would be fun.

* Photos are courtesy of Chalica Pack. She's a photographer with a good eye for detais and does some wonderful shots of her subjects in outdoor environments. Her photos are all warm and natural. Check them out at

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